Sunday, March 9, 2008

Heal the world - UNHCR

1.What does UNHCR mean?
The UN Agency for Refugees. Created in 1951, today, UNHCR is responsable with giving the first-aid in 120 countries. UNHCR is the only agency with a specific purpose, to help and solve problems for the refugees all over the world. When people are forced to run away because of a war or persecutions, they go to the UNHCR for immediate assistance. They provide them food, shelter, water, medical care and safety. If necesary, they help them re-establish in other countries and start a new life. UNHCR is apolitical and helps all the refugees uninterested in their race, religion, political oppinions or sex. They focus on humanitarian needs and rights, especially for women and children.

2.Who is considered a refugee?
The Convention from 1951 regarding the refugees, defines the refugee as being a "person which, because of a certain fear to be persecuted for its race, religion, nationality,
being part of a social group or a political oppinion, beyond the borders of its country and because of this fear, doesn't want to remain under the protection of its country."

3.How many refugees are under UNHCR's care?
In 2005, the number of people assisted by UNHCR were almost 19.2 million.
These include almost 9.2 million refugees, 1.5 million repatriated persons, 840. 000 applicants for the asylum,
 over 5.5 million people inner displaced and over 2 million apatriated
 and other persons of much interest.
More then a half are women and children.
UNHCR operates in 116 countries.
They are active in almost every situation that leaves refugees and parts of the world that are in conflict.
From Columbia to Kosovo and from Angola to Afganistan, UNHCR is there to help people in need. They provide basic services, judicial protection and they want to develope long-lasting solutions for the refugees and other people in need.

It's about being human and trying to help other people that are in danger and need us to CARE!
Personally, I'd be excited to be a part of UNHCR and I'd love to do something for the others..

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