Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tea and cancer

Tea prevents the appearance of cancer...Some of us like to drink
coffee everyday, as well as
others prefer tea instead of coffee, well, lucky you, because tea strengthens up the immune system, 
it protects our body from viruses and radiations, and also
it prevents getting old sooner. One leaf of tea contains
40% g
lucose, 20% proteins, 2% fats, 9% minerals,
C, B and other vitamines, too.
A team of scientists from the University of Ohio studied
the green tea effects of preventing 
cancer. The conclusion is that the green tea protects the body from all kinds of diseases by maintaining the immune system 
at high level. 
It increases the capacity of studing and concentration,  
it fights stress, improves memory and the entire body functions.
 I'm happy to say that I love drinking green tea better than
anything else, so I'm protected from  getting a cold and it makes me 
feel better...also it's a good way to eliminate toxines from your body. 
I know that, nowadays, people stopped 
thinking of their health, that's what concerneds  me. Hopefully, I'll do
my best to incourage all of you that it's better to prevent than to treat
a disease. So keep your life as healthy as possible! I owe you an appology
for not posting anything, but I'll keep doing research, as medicine improves 
treatements everyday.

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