Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Using natural treatments against cancer

It's best for us to know the simptoms of the brest cancer so we could get to the doctor as soon as possible and start treating the disease. A few simptoms that can indicate a breast cancer are: the appearance of a knot on the breast or a scar that itches. Such as cutting nursing, increasing the number of abortions, being to much overweight and smoking could lead to fall ill. Besides the diet, the most important medicine is the Sark Aid. Why does the Shark Aid cure cancer?? Well, because it stimulates the immune system. The aid of the shark is one of the fewest tissues that impregnates from the closest internals and because of the proteins it develops an anti-tumoral. The shark is the only animal that doesn't have cancer, they haven't changed their morfology for over 400 million years and their wounds heal rapidly. There are a lot of treatments for cancer, and everyday scientists find another cure, even if around the world a lot of people, young or old, die of this disease.

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