Monday, October 29, 2007

A world without AIDS

The HIV virus atacks only few white cells from the immune system. As the immune system gets weaker, the white cells stop fighting diseases and infections. The viruses that usually were destroyed by the immune system, now, they multiply in the human body. Aids are not caused by the HIV virus, they destroy the defense system of the human body while fighting infections.
First cases of aids had been found in the USA.
In 1981, by the way the disease spred, the scientists believed that aids appeared from other viruses and they discovered that
it has under a 100 years and over 20 years.The effects of the aids appear after 5 to 10 years after the body had been infected. It can be detected in blood, at the brain or on the spine. The simptoms are a lot like a flu with high temperature and other normal flu simptoms. The individual can transmit the HIV virus without being aware. After the HIV virus starts multipling, the aids appear. Diseases like, meningitis, encephalitis and pneumonia can kill the individual. Also, it can develop cancer and hemorrhage, in the last faze of the disease, when the immune system is not reacting anymore.
The first way of transmiting the virus is by sexual contact.
Secondly, from a mother to a baby that still is in the uterus.
And thirdly, through the blood and other liquids of the human body. That's the reason why so many people got infected with the HIV virus by receiving blood from others. Nowadays the blood is very well tested before giving it to the patient.
Protecting yourself from getting ill means, using condoms and not doing drugs. It seams that even the saliva can infect the body.                   

Surely, AIDS is the most deadly disease in nowadays. In 1991, in the USA almost 10 milion people were infected with the HIV virus and at every 12 minutes, a person died from aids. The World Organization of Health estimated that in 2000, 40 milion people were being discovered as positiv. Almost all the countries are effected by aids, even if some of them are in danger, countries like:North America, Central Africa, Caraibe and South Asia. Because of the many human loses, the scientists tried to find treatments but sadly, there is, still, no treatement yet for the HIV virus. The only way we can protect ourselfs, is using condoms and avoiding activities at high risk.

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