Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Carrots prevent cancer and not only

Carrots can prevent the infarct. It can, also reduce lung cancer and larynx cancer, even if that person was a smoker. The most important effect of the carrot is improving the eyes. The carrot contains vitamine A wich is very important for the health of the eyes. When the quanteety of the A vitamine decreases, eyes suffer at the adaptation to the dark and to the light.
The tea with seeds of carrots, can be prepared by infusion.
In a cup of boiled water (250 ml) you put a small spoon of seeds or dry grass and you leave it for 10-15 minutes for infusion.

It's recommended do drink the tea three times a day.
The seeds help digestion and stimulate the menstruation. The seeds, as well as the leaves help eliminate gases and are usefull for the good function of the kidneys, for digestion and intestinal transit. 
If you like carrots, eat a carrot everyday and, surely, you can improve your immune system, 
your eyes and also prevent catching a cold or even getting sick. 
The A vitamine takes care of your heart, your lungs,
kidneys and of all the good function of your body.
It's a good way to start a healthy life..Good luck everyone!

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