Saturday, November 24, 2007


The American Department Of Health announced that women are affect more by the lung cancer. This disease is the first one that causes death to women, more then breast cancer and colon cancer.
When we think of lung cancer, most of us believe that the majority of men who are smoking,
can be affected by this disease.
But the reality is totaly different."Lung cancer affects women most then breast cancer, colon cancer and uterus cancer, but they don't realise that they are putting their life in danger." said dr. Jyoti Patel, from oncology, Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. The risk is that women and doctors don't realise the gravity of the situation regarding the statistics, reported the american authorities. DANGER!

"Women who smoked in their youth and quit, they still have the risk to get sick." added dr. Patel in a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. According to dr. Patel, the med students learn about the lung cancer as a disease that only appears to 60 year old men who are smoking. That's why a lot of doctors won't warn their patinents (women) of the risks they expose themselves to, by smoking.
In 2003, from 4 cases of cancer to women, one was lung cancer.
It seems that in USA,
over 70 000 died of lung cancer and 39 000 that died from breast cancer, recording to the American Society of Cancer.

SMOKING..The most important thing that leads to cancer is smoking. "If I were asked wich are the 10 things that causes lung cancer, the first nine are smoking." said dr. Patel.
One of five women are smoking and many are pasive smokers. Women that are pasive smokers have a higher risk to lung cancer then men.
Women develope in their lungs small tumors that are more agresive then other tumors wich can be found and treated much easier.
It's also the hormonals differences between man and women,
that's why it affects the evolution of this disease, not favourable to women.

"Women wich get sick, isolate themselves and take over them all the quilt.
That's why they don't participate in campaignes that warn all the women about the lung cancer. 
I tell my patients that smoking is a bad choice 'cause it ain't worth it getting sick because of that."
sais dr. Patel. She recommends them to realise how much they harm their body and their lungs by smoking. 
She incourages them to participate in campagnes against lung cancer to fight this disease. 

Just like a small node makes a woman go to the doctor, the same it should be with the cough.
This symptom can indicate different problems, from simple coulds to lung cancer.
Those who cough frequently, or wake up in the middle of the night because of the caugh, who breath hard, or worst, who spit blood, need to go as fast as they can to the doctor.

LACK OF INTEREST..The reaserch for lung cancer is not interesting,
like other forms of cancer, sais dr. Patel. Only 1.300 $ on a case of lung cancer are spent for research, 
30.000 $ on a patient with aids,
18 000 $ on a case with breast cancer and 10 000 $ on a patient with prostate (gland) cancer.
This is happening because of the survivors of the lung cancer, wich are not interested in campaignes for gathering founds for treating this disease.
And worst, the society doesn't take care of the ones that know that they can get sick by smoking.

If you don't wanna quit smoking...then, be realistic about the risk you expose yourself to,
and be sure that someday it's gonna destroy your body, it's either you quit and
protect yourself
or not quit and maybe, be another victime of the lung cancer and all the other forms of cancer!

                                      Make it a better world, STOP smoking..protect yourselves and your children..Have a peaceful life!


Anonymous said...

Low Level Cadmium Exposure Linked To Lung Disease...Science Daily reported on August 20 that new research suggests that cadmium is one of the critical ingredients causing emphysema, and even low-level exposure attained through second-hand smoke and other means may also increase the chance of developing lung disease.

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