Thursday, November 22, 2007

Have a clean complexion!

The acne appears to women before the menopause at about 40-50 years old.
It appears and then it disappears, but it always comes back. The affected zones are: the cheeks, the forehead, the nose and the chin.
Men are also affected by the acne, it usualy appears on the complexion, on the nape, on the axil and on the nates. The causes are the sebaceous cysts wich open through small pores. The acne is formed on the black spots. They appear in the puberty and in the old age and they are made of pus.
Recepies to prevent acne and black spots:
1. Apricot:

A face-pack out of mature apricots. 
You have to get rid of the brollys, then rive the fruit and after that you put it on your face;
after 30 minuts you wash away the composition  with an infusion of camomile.
It invigorates your face and it helps you take out your black spots.

2. Lavender:

An infusion with 5 g of plant, over wich you pour 100 ml of boiled water. You leave it covered for 15- 20 minuts and then you interject it. It applies with a compress made of sterile gauze.

3. Apple:

You boil the apples in sweet milk, then you cut it in pices, you boil them 'till they get soft.
You rive them and apply the moisture on the face for 30 minuts. After that, you wash your face with an infusion of camomile.

4. Dill:

An infusion with a spoon af raved brollies, over wich you pour a half cup of boiled water (100 ml). You leave it covered for 20 minuts and then you interject it. You use it with a face buffer. 

5. Carrot:

A face-pack made out of roots that you put through a shredder.
You keep it on your face for 20-30 minuts,
then you wash your face with an infusion of camomile.

6. Cabbage:

A juice made out of pressing the leaf of a cabbage
and then aplly the moisture on your face.

I wrote here some useful recepies that
I think it will help you, if you have problems with acne and black spots. I tried myself some and they've really worked.
Keep in mind these informations 'cause even if you don't need them, you can sure help others that have this kind of problems and they don't know how to get rid of the spots on their face.
  Keep your complexion clean 'cause nobody likes to see a face full of acne and red/black spots!

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