Saturday, November 10, 2007

Protect your body..STOP smoking!

How does smoking affect your liver..? The liver is an organe wich is very well vascularised. Everything we eat or drink goes through the liver, he's a kind of bolter. I'll show you some pictures I found with sick livers.

                            Liver cancer                                               

  Chemotherapy at the liver

I know there are some scary images but this is the truth! Even if this can shock's better to be aware of the consequences if you keep on smoking. Around the world take part a lot of campaigns against smoking but, I guess it's not enough because, so many people are still smoking and also, many people are still dieing because of this bad habit and drug. Protect your children from places where others are smoking, teach your children, especially teenagers about cigarettes, smoking, drugs and the power they have to destroy our body. We have to do something for the's sad seeing so many children, adults and old people dieing..
Have the courage and the strength to heal yourself and accept that you are doing a lot of damage to your mind and body by smoking. I wish you good luck and I'll sure keep you healthy informed!


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