Sunday, November 11, 2007

New cancer treatments

New therapies against different types of cancer could appear in 10 years, studies are based on modified geanes that lead to cancer, proffesor doctor's oppinion, Victor Velculescu from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Romanian scientist, descovered new medicines for breath and intestine cancer by studying the groups of cromozomes from the cancer cells.
For the first time, scientists made a map of the modified cancer cells. 
How do the modifications appear??

It seems that the cells can change by consuming different substance like nicotine, alcohol,  
exposing your skin to much at the sun radiations. If cancer is  hereditary, we have to make periodical analysis to prevent the disease and to track it down as soon as possible, and find a cure. 
The only methods used, for now, against cancer is surgery and chemotherapy.
When will new treatments appear?
For some forms of cancer like, breast cancer and leukaemia there are some medicines, but for others, scientists are still doing researches and we won't benefit of them 10 years from now. 
The problem appears when cancer isn't located and surjery cannot help in this situation, the only method remaining is chemotherapy. The last one, is not providing 100% chances of curing and some people can't endure it. I'll do some research about this technique so we can be informed with every detail about this disease and how many chances we have to survive.

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