Thursday, November 15, 2007

Miracles made by vitamins

Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits, is a great way to protect yourself from getting sick and premature death, because they contain all the vitamins your body needs. A group of scientists from the Medical and Health Institute in France, INSERM, showed recently that taking extra vitamins is also recommended for the good function of your body.

A scientific study named SU.VI. MAX, with over 13 000 participants, showed that people who
took everyday extra vitamins, they obtained a great protection against cancer with 30%, and at the same time it reduced the mortality caused by cancer with 37%.
In eight years, the participants had to take 6 mg of beta-caroten, 120 mg of vitamine C, 30 mg of vitamine E, 100 g of selenius and 20 mg of zinc- or the same tablets, placebo.
After this period, scientists showed the benefits from extra vitamins and minerals.
It was necesary to use extra vitamins, to compare them to the placebo effect. A similar test with fruits and vegetables couldn't be as useful as with multivitamins because the participants had to eat 5-6 times a day fruits/vegetables.

This was a scientific test that could only be made with extra vitamins to see how the body reacts.
Eat vegetables, and fruits, all kinds, it's very healthy. An apple everyday keeps your immune system workind at high potentional.
Have yourself a healthy life because you all deserve that!

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