Sunday, November 25, 2007

Medical treatment for liver cancer

"Nexavar", the pill against liver cancer..
Doctors declared for the first time, that they found a medicine that can increase the chances to survive for people suffering of liver cancer.
A disease that affects over 500 000 people around the world.
Doctors made some research on 602 patients with advaced fases of liver cancer, who took 2 pills everyday of this medicine that contains "sorafenib".
The majority of the patients who had this treatment, lived more, with 30 % then the others.
Scientists say that this is the first systematic treatment for liver cancer. Sorafenib atacks the cancer cell, by stopping its blood alimentation. The tumors don't disappear and don't lose their proportions, but they stop growing. The disease is not cured but the process is being stoped for a few months.
The medicine that contains the substance named sorafenib is found in drug stores as Nexavar. USA and other 12 countries benefit of it.

It's chance for those who suffer from liver cancer and kidney cancer..

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